Ik Din Aayega – A Day Will Come – Jal the Band

Something from my favorite band, Jal. Dedicated to every person who lives their life in limbo and dreams of a better tomorrow.


Teri ankhein ab hoon gi na kabhi nam
Your eyes will never cloud over with unshed tears
Tu jo dekh le to bhula doon mein saray gham
Whenever I see you I forget all my griefs
Tu jo chahay to badlay ga mausam
If you want, you can change this season

Yeh jo pal hain inhain khushion se bhar lo tum
These moments, fill them with happiness
Woh beetay din unhain yaad phir se kar lo tum
Remember those days, days long gone

Tu jo chahay to badlay ga mausam
But if you want, you can change this season

Ke dil tu rona nahi
Your heart will not cry
Yeh khuwab adhooray nahin
Your Dreams are will not go unfulfilled
Yeh armaan saray tere hongay pooray kabhi
Those desire of yours will soon be fulfilled
Aik din ayega tu yun gaye ga
One day will come and you will become

In the meantime, focus on becoming.

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