Morons of the Week: The 'Good' Taliban

Video Credit: Times Now

Lets be honest and forthright. There is no such thing as a ‘good Taliban.’ And now, due to their latest sickening act in Pakistan, they may just have lost the sanctuary given to them by the ‘West.’

Flogging a young woman openly in the name of Islam is pure cowardice. To the so-called good Taliban: Come out with your bigotry; don’t cower behind your religion.

Making a public spectacle of abuse against women does not bode well for Islam and Muslim communities around the world. Will the peace offering to the good Taliban be rescinded? Probably not. We are more likely to have a long drawn-out ‘cold’ culture war.

On a side note, why is it that women are always treated more harshly for illicit affairs than men? This doesn’t just happen under the Taliban. Historically, cases of adultery or infidelity dealt with women more strictly than men, especially if one examines divorce. A single act of adultery by a woman was grounds for divorce whereas a man had to be ‘living in sin’ for the woman to be entitled to divorce. Remnants of these patriarchal power structures exist to this day to oppress women around the world.

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