Moron of the Week – JW Lown

Love makes us do retarded things.

Mayor of San Angelo, Texas–J.W. Lown–has abruptly stepped down from his post earlier this week, declaring that he had moved to Mexico to be with his male lover, who had been living illegally in the United States for quite some time.

Scheduled to take the oath of office last Tuesday for his fourth term as mayor, Lown did not appear at the event. In a telephone call late Wednesday afternoon from Mexico the Mayor explained that  because he was in personal relationship with a man who does not have legal residency in the United States, he didn’t see fit to take the oath of office knowing he was “aiding and assisting” someone who was not a legal citizen.

I suppose it’s alright if the President does it :cough: Aunt Zeituni :cough: …

Immigration law in this country has less to do with laws and more to do with whom we know. I have little doubt that Lown could have used his political connections to get temporary reprieve for his lover. People with less power do it all the time.

It’s honest, noble and certainly sweet. And just moronic with immigration reform on the table this year.

Lown, you got your partner a 10-year ban, assuming he was over 18 and accrued illegal presence.

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