'I don't support the DREAM Act because…'


My response to that is a shrug.

I don’t care.

If I want your support or opinion, I would ask for it.

The facts are out in the open. We have stated our position numerous times. And now it is not a productive use of our time to regurgitate.

If you are not a member of Congress on our target list, I REALLY DON’T CARE.

There is no point in commenting, sending hate mails, insulting and questioning undocumented student advocacy. It does not bother or unfaze us in the least.

Do not call me and not any other undocumented student that works really hard for their right to attend college and get a job to support their family and community.

Take your advocacy and call Congress. Make an anti-DREAM Act site. Make a network of undocumented youth who don’t want the DREAM Act. Go to your city council, school boards and associated students to get resolutions passed opposing the DREAM Act. Get regional representatives in over 25 states. Form an LLC or 501(c)(3). Get donations and grants for your cause. Grow a mailing list of 60,000. Work over 80 hours per week to defeat the cause and the work of other undocumented students.

It really doesn’t bother me.  I have more important things to do.

And besides, we will win this anyway.

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