Making DREAMs Reality – DreamActivist

Feature on DigiActive written by James Branson

The aim of DreamActivist is to garner the support Congress needs to see in order to pass the DREAM Act. “DreamActivist is like the Watchtower of United We DREAM,” says Prerna, Co-administrator and Co-founder of the organization. “Through our online work we try to make sure the right hand knows what the left hand is doing, disseminate information, our students and allies are ‘in the loop’ through various channels, and we work to change the discourse of the immigration debate.”

Mo, another DreanActivist administrator and founder, says that his work online “never ends.”  With all of the outlets on which DreamActivist has a presence, it’s easy to see how that’s the case. But the small group of community organizers is doing a good job staying on top of it all and making a difference.

The ‘theory of change’ is simple

1. Locate people who are passionate about the cause, somewhat active and aching to work and provide them with resources to get more involved. New media can do little without grassroots organizing.

2. Proliferate an image that resonates with the audience. There is nothing more famous than this image (Credit: Ark Queue) for the movement.

3. Make available as many tools as possible for immigrant youth and allies to lobby Congress. ’10 Things You Can Do’ is a great start.

4. Deconstruct myths and spread positive vibes in as many avenues as possible

5. Use our diversity and personal networks to gain non-traditional allies. This is not just a Latino issue.

Currently, I am looking into more tools beyond the usual social networking sites and how to integrate these into our work. This Friday, I am slotted for a presentation on Online Organizing for Reform Immigration for America in Washington D.C. For Freedoms Fund is generously footing the cost of travel and lodging.

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