Shoutout: Text Link Ads

This is just a courtesy hat tip for bloggers, especially youth bloggers like me who don’t necessarily have stable incomes.

I detest advertisements. I avoid it on television using DVR and I avoid it on the Internet using various Firefox plugins like Adblock Plus.

But over the past 6-9 months as a blogger, I have come to really appreciate programs like Linkworth and Text Link Ads that are pretty unobtrusive and don’t slow down a site unlike Google ads.

I am earning enough through both programs to cover my monthly gym fees and grocery costs, which in turn, allow me to be healthy, stable, and blog-worthy. It’s encouraging me to keep this personal blog up and running, make it bigger and better and update it with a frequency that I used to before I became a full-time organizer/programmer.

Try it out if you have a self-hosted blog and do alright on traffic.

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