511 Miles on a Broken Toe. Lets Do It.

No graphic and grotesque images here for the time-being but long story short, I split my pinky toe yet again. I do have pictures if anyone wants to see it.

Sure it is a small stub, but it is the part of the foot that goes in the clippers when one rides a racing bike.

Needless to say, I am in pain and distraught.

I also couldn’t go to the hospital or doctor because my health insurance is quite useless. We pay $600 per month to Blue Cross, but Blue Cross only pays $50 for a $435 visit to the doctor. And I also canceled my emergency accidental health insurance last month because I could no longer afford it. Yes, it was only $18 per month, but I can’t afford that.

Bottomline: I am not a leech on public health services.

The bike ride is from August 13 to August 22. It is to raise funds for immigrant students in California colleges and universities and bring awareness to the DREAM Act. I promised Tam Tran that I will do this with her and I am not backing out. That gives me less than 1.5 months to recover and train. This is not a gimmick.

Feel free to chipin to support me and validate my efforts

And a big thank you to everyone who is supporting me.

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