BART – New Media, Old Services

BART is getting new media savvy, especially since the Oscar Grant shooting incident, but unfortunately, that doesn’t translate into better services.

My bike seatpost with a women’s saddle was stolen on July 4th at Civic Center in front of the agents booth at 7th and Market.

I twittered my complaint to @sfbart, who told me:

@MaverickLal101 hi, there is contact info here where you can make a report of it:

So as per instructions, I emailed the Chief of BART Police and the appropriate officers with my complaint. All I got was an apology:

Dear Mr./Ms. Lal:

I regret the loss of your bicycle seatpost. One would assume that a bike would be safe and secure in front of the agent’s booth. But, unfortunately, when the booth is left unstaffed, that presents an opportunity for a thief and other wrong-doers.


Gary Gee
Chief of Police

Pssst, it probably happened on their watch. The replacement for the three parts comes up to around $80-$100.

Yesterday, I went janitorial with my mom so she has promised to fork over some spare cash for it. Still, when is BART going to take responsibility for thefts that happen on their watch?!

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