I am leaving

Setting a date right now for getting out of here. Should I sign a voluntary departure or do without it?

Two years ago, I qualified for Canada and was set to leave. But then I listened to some lawyers and more tear-jerking from my useless family. The logical reasoning for staying here no longer exists.

If I have to await ‘in-line’ 8-10 more years (Re: Matter of Wang), I might as well do so somewhere where I can move forward in life.

I don’t care about the vile threats from my family. I have had enough of this imprisonment.

I know it might seem dumb for someone covered under the LIFE Act to self-deport, but this someone is a very educated person. How long am I expected to put my life on hold for the convenience of other people? And of course, no one would sponsor me for an EB-2 and legalize my status regardless of how (over)qualified I am; they will make me work without pay or put me on meager stipends.

I can’t get married to adjust my status. Don’t remind me.

These idiots in the USA can file for ‘hardship-waivers’ later if they want. I really doubt I would want to come back here.

Yes, I would probably be put in jail in Fiji. I might even be beaten and killed. But those are just risks I need to take. Freedom comes at a cost. I’ll rather be killed while I am free than die in this prison every day.

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