Lessons from New York

I have never been to New York before but it isn’t places that hold importance–it’s people. And sometimes we meet and spend time with people who remind us why we are still residing in this #%#%% country.

I remember when I was a kid, I had made a speech about how friendship was the most important and telling relationship since it was one of the only ones that we aren’t forced to make or keep. This blog has many friendly stalkers and the ones in New York are both special and important enough to keep.

I inherited the red-eye on Thursday, spent the day in company of friends working to stop the deportation of Taha, had a smashing night with little sleep, got dragged to a meeting I had no stake in, spent a much longer part of the day ‘hobbling’ around New York/New Jersey over Taha’s case and partying the night away. I usually detest traveling but I spent quality time with people I love so the trip was productive.

And I did work. I owed Dave 10 blog posts over the course of the week and delivered duly. From the Senate passing the long-awaited hate crime bill to Lou Dobbs, Pat Buchanan and Kris Kobach to ICE breaking laws to apologies for racial discrimination and to the undying DREAM Act. And I learned some valuable lessons.

Lesson #1  – Check the back of a post-it note if directions seem incomplete, even if the note doesn’t say anything about turning over.

Lesson # 2 – Stay home, take medication and proper care when dealing with a broken toe.

Lesson # 3 – Don’t attend meetings where you are not welcome or wanted, especially meetings that explicitly exclude your friends.

Lesson #4 – Never attend meetings when in pain, lacking sleeping, spotting a hangover, and an empty stomach.

Lesson # 5 – Don’t accept google map directions from friends who don’t know how to use the internets

Lesson # 6 – Go into everything with zero expectations. That way, we avoid disappointments and celebrate unexpected victories. Re: Taha.

Lesson # 7 – Don’t let your straight friends score on your gay women. When a beautiful and attractive woman in a club expresses interest in you, don’t fake disinterest and hold back.

Lesson # 8 – Do not make embarrassing confessions when drunk unless they are to close friends.

To Kiran and Katie–Thank you for all the fun, your hospitality and for putting up with our antics.

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