Stop the Deportation of Taha

My family’s immigration petition got denied, my dad got deported, and all of my family is upset because of our immigration problems but we still love America with all our hearts. I wish to have the chance to live the better quality life that my teachers have always made me believe every child and adult deserves to have.

-Taha, DREAM Act student from New Jersey, in deportation

stop the deportation of taha to bangladesh

Taha is 18 years old and just graduated Dickinson High School in Jersey City, NJ. In November of 1993, his parents brought him to the United States from Bangladash, when he was only 2 years old. He has lived in Jersey City for more than 16 years.

On July 29, 2009, he will be deported to Bangladesh – a country that he neither remembers nor recognizes. Why? His immigration attorney missed a filing date on their application for permanent residency when Taha was a minor.

If Taha return to Bangladesh, he will never have the chance to complete the education he has worked so hard all of his life to acquire. The United States would lose its K-12 investment in Taha.

Taha doesn’t read or write Bengali. He doesn’t even know its alphabet. Moving back there will mean moving to a foreign country where he’ll have to start his life again from scratch.

What Can You Do?
Calling DHS comment line and asking them to not deport Taha. Please use this really easy click to call function, or call the comment line directly at 202-282-8495

-Signing the online petition:
– Co-sign Sen. Menendez’s letter on behalf of Taha:

-Join the Facebook group formed for Taha by Walter Lara

-Calling Congressman Sires’s office in 202-225-7919 to urge him to submit a private bill for Taha!

-Calling Senator Menendez’s office in 202.224.4744 to urge him to submit a private bill for Taha!

– Calling Senator Lautenberg’s office in (202) 224-3224 to urge him to submit a private bill for Taha!

Taha has been educated in America, K – 12. He achieved many awards in high school such as Academic Author Award, Principal’s Award, Honor Roll and Merit Wall.

His teachers opened his eyes to so many great opportunities in this country. His career dream is to be a pediatrician, working in a clinic or hospital environment, and giving back to our great country that has given him so much.

Taha hopes to attend St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, NJ to study Marketing and Pre-Med.

Picture yourself in Taha’s shoes. All that he needs help with is getting permission to continue living in the country he loves and calls home so that he can complete his education and spend the rest of his life giving back to the United States – the only home he can ever remember living in.

Deporting Taha, and students like him, is a loss to the United States, in human, moral and economic capital. For the sake of Taha and this country, we dare not let this continue.

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