Transgender Know Your Rights Manuals

I was goggling myself today and found out that the Transgender Know Your Rights manuals that I had worked on last Spring at the National Lawyers’ Guild are finally available online!


The immigration one is probably the manual most meticulously put together probably because I really knew the subject area but also due to the fact that immigration law is more confusing than any other area of law.

Oftentimes, approval of asylum depends more on the random immigration judge assigned by the clerk than on the merits of the case, according to a 2006 study called “Refugee Roulette” by Philip G. Schrag, a professor at Georgetown University Law Center. 30% of applicants win asylum in San Diego compared to the U.S. Average of 40%, while 54% of applicants win asylum in San Francisco immigration courts.15 According to the same study, female immigration judges grant asylum at a 44 percent higher rate than their male colleagues.

It’s good to see my research made the final cut!

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