Watch Out for the Bay Area!


Thanks to the (volunteer-run) Educators for Fair Consideration, we have support for an immigrant youth advocacy program that would give students the necessary tools to organize at the schools and in their communities. Over the duration of the week, we selected 19 students (yet to be announced) from a diverse pool.

The best part about the program is that it is student-run and justly compensated. It rewards students who have been organizing already or shown interest in organizing while also training them to go a step further. I also hope that the program will be a way to empower more students to take responsibility and action in their communities about issues of importance to them.

I have the usual roles and duties. Students for Fair Consideration will have the best website and outreach program of any immigrant advocacy group in the country.

I finally have some $ for the gym, food, bike maintenance, and to file my Canada visa application.

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