Are You A Left-Wing Terrorist?

Thanks to the right-wing wackos who made a mirror site to the awesome Immigration Clearinghouse, I made the ‘left wing terrorist list’ like 3-4 times over!!

Border Activists Border Action Network Border Ambassadors No to Borders and Boundreys Open Borders Lobby Smart Borders Hispanic Activism American-Latino Immigrants Proudly Assisting the Community Damned MexicanImmigration  Talk with a Mexican American Latina Lista The Unapologetic MexicanYa Basta!!! (Enough Already) Human & Civil Rights Anti-Defamation League Derechos Humanos ArizonaImagine 2050 Para Justicia y Libertad Surviving Spouses against Deportation Texas Civil Rights Review Immigrant Rights Citizen Orange Long Island WinsTruth in Immigration Immigration Reform America’s Voice Online DREAM Act – TexasFair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM)Immigrants ListMigra Matters National Immigration Forum The Wonk Room Independent Media Border Reporter Crooks & Liars e-zine Daily Kos El Chuco Times Independent Political Report Orcinus Rio Grande Guardian The Mexfiles Information & Policy Immigration ImpactImmigration Policy CenterImmigration Prof Blog Mexican & American’s Talking Together Migra MattersU.S.-Mexico Immigration Pro Migrant Dream Activist Michael Vargas’ Pro Inmigrant Blog The Sanctuary Student Pro Blogs Mi Destino: fe, cultura y vidaNew York State Youth Leadership Council PandagonUnderground Undergrads

All of these organizations promote and or sponsor open borders and no immigration laws! The federal government needs to look into these groups and find out what they are planning! We suspect that they want to take over America and make it part of Mexico. I f you have any first hand knowledge about these groups trying to partake in terrorists activities, please contact your local FBI field operations manager or call the local police department in your town. These groups are left wing extreamists HATE Groups with one thing in mind, the take over of America.

Dude, first, learn to spell ‘boundaries.’ And ‘extremists.’ And ‘terrorist.’ Actually never mind, just learn to spell period.

Second, America be a part of Mexico? Mexico is in America–the continent of NORTH AMERICA.

And third, I can’t believe I am lumped in with DC organizations, and even Daily Kos. I demand a re-do. How about ‘extreme left-wing terrorist?’ Give me my proper dues!!

Hat Tip: Citizen Orange

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