EP – Waqt (Time)

Entity Paradigm, a Pakistani pop band, broke up quite a while ago. But not before delivering one of the most telling songs that I can relate to my life.

this is how the story
goes, in and out
one minute u’re there, the
next time runs out
its a figure of speech as
a matter of fact
did u ever really think
about the time you had
its the grain that falls
every second that crawls
to the minute to the hour
till infinity recalls
its a barricade of twigs
that’s really never there
did u ever really think
that time even cares

[translated parts]
there’s a feeling
that i never thought about before
time passed by
and i kept walking aimlessly

in the darkness, i saw light
but even in that light
my home was burning

so what if my heart is bleeding, so what if it is crying
so what if time has deferred my dreams,
i know i will fulfill my goals,
i know i will get time on my side.

here’s a little
something that you
really can think about
the time that got left and
time that ran out
keepin in mind what i left behind
my sanity my soul brought
down to a fine line
the pain the shame too late
to quit this game
i can never change….
cuz i’m one of a kind
even if i wanted to i couldnt decide
cuz i never really had
time on my side

[translated parts]
i kept falling, i kept picking myself up
in this silence, i kept dying

in my sleep, i yearned for dreams
and kept yearning when my eyes opened

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