Why Are We Deporting Electrical Engineers from America?

…And instead, importing engineers from India to sign-up for the often-exploitative H-1B worker programs?

Watch this video of Herta Llusho, who is being deported next week. She was educated in the United States and is currently studying Electrical Engineering in college. But instead of cultivating Herta’s talents and reaping investments from the taxpayer dollars that went into her K-12 education, the United States would much rather deport her to Albania–a country that she does not know.

It doesn’t make any sense.

And just a shoutout to Jane Hamsher for her comments regarding Herta:

Good luck Herta, and thanks for posting your story here. Please keep us up on what is happening.

I know that the DREAM Act could pass tomorrow on its own, but House and other coalition advocates want to lump it in with a lot of other stuff that has now been tabled until next year (and I’ll believe Rahm Emanuel will let an immigration bill onto the floor in an election year when pigs fly).

They should sever the DREAM Act and pass it now. With people like you getting senselessly deported, it is cruel not to do so.

Not a surprise that the administration announced that it would not take up immigration until next year on the heels of the Sotomayor confirmation. It was a great moment but the Hispanic Caucus and other immigration reform advocates should not pacified into inaction because of it.

Free the DREAM Act.

It’s hard to see people fighting so hard to stay here when some of us just want to leave desperately. Every day in this purgatory just kills me a little bit more. I would gladly switch places with Herta if I was allowed to do so. But I am lucky that if I was deported tomorrow, I’ll have a great island vacation on American taxpayer money before heading over to Canada for my skilled worker visa. There’s nothing to fear besides the status quo (and the countless days in detention).

We need to stop the deportation of all DREAM Act students NOW and pass the DREAM Act.

I promise to leave. Gladly.

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