Drive for Equality

Given all the travel I have done in the past few months, I decided to stay put for a while and actually contribute to something else for a change. So I have taken a short-term post as New Media Director for TravelforChange, to help organize volunteers from out of state for the Maine Equality battle. And I am excited about getting this new project on the ground as an over-educated, under-employed young person.

The No on 1 battle is being waged in Maine. But since LGBT rights is a nation-wide issue and we don’t want another California, it seems prudent to enable as many volunteers to get involved as possible. Maine needs organizing right now, not necessarily the state of California where the proposition to overturn the gay marriage ban is hanging in limbo due to infighting between several groups.

Now Dan Savage didn’t like this idea last year but there’s really nothing wrong with shipping out excited and enthusiastic volunteers to other states. We aren’t breaking any campaign finance laws especially through the innovative way in which we use airline miles. Some movements can probably learn from it and invest their millions in funding more wisely.

I’ll let you know how it pans out in November and may ask for your help on this project. In the meantime, there’s a lot of backend and ground-work to be done.


I am hereby pledging to defeat Prop 1. Vote No on 1.

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