Alright, so I promised some changes and here they are –

I took a job as a blogger at for their Immigration cause so it is likely that all my immigration blogging would go there, primarily. You can subscribe to the feed here. I do have a Wednesday blogging duty at DreamActivist and Friday ones at the Sanctuary that I need to learn to juggle.

Duke released some principles for a progressive immigration reform that got front-paged at Daily Kos and published at Alternet. I suggest everyone should check them out and spread it around ( It’s the single-payer of #immigration reform. I don’t expect Congressional advocates to be moved by it, but we can have some serious and meaningful discussions in the progressive blogosphere to move the legislation to the (real) left.

And I am launching a collective of pro-democracy Fijian bloggers in the coming few months. When Commodore Bainimarama ousted Laisenia Qarase in 2006, I was relieved and considered joining the government. I am not a fan of democracy, since I do realize that a parliamentary democracy is a colonial manufactured concept that may not work in the interest of the islands. Alas, his military reign has continued and he seems to be a know-nothing opportunist, who has sold Fiji out to Fiji Water, deported journalists, censored the media and now rules over Fiji with an iron fist. Enough is enough.

If someone wants to hire me as a new media consultant or communications and outreach coordinator, I have an impressive resume. Really, I am among the best, but don’t let me tell you that. Find out for yourself.

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