Citations for Driving While Mexican

The Dallas Police Chief, David Kunkle, has admitted that his officers wrote 39 citations to people over the past 3 years for not speaking English.

It would make a great Onion piece, except it is true.

Who would actually pay this ludicrous citation? The most vulnerable people who are either new to this country and do not know the law or those that feel bullied into paying citations for offenses they never committed simply to avoid additional prosecution under the law.

Kunkle probably wants to sweep this under the rug by calling it a ‘rookie mistake.’ After all, when six officers are found issuing citations for ‘Driving while Mexican’ it looks more like a department policy. Unfortunately for the Dallas police, they picked on the wrong person, who dragged them to court over the citation.

It seems like the anti-immigrant lunacy has led to the construction of new laws or rather, the enforcement of laws that do not exist.

In a country with a growing Latino electorate that may become the largest ethnic group within a hundred years, it might be wise to start learning Spanish especially if one is in law enforcement and expected to serve a diverse community.

(Photo Credit: WFAA)

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