Gutierrez Unveils Vague Principles of Immigration Reform


Thousands of immigration reform activists were gathered at the Capitol today to call for immigration reform and hear Representative Luis Gutierrez unveil his broad principles for immigration reform.

“We need a bill that says if you come here to hurt our communities, we will not support you; but if you are here to work hard and to make a better life for your family, you will have the opportunity to earn your citizenship,” says Representative Luis Gutierrez.

The forthcoming immigration reform legislation will:

* Include a rational and humane approach to the undocumented population;
* Protect U.S. and immigrant workers;
* Allocate sufficient visas to close unlawful migration channels;
* Enhance our nation’s security and safety;
* Establish a strategic border enforcement policy that reflects American values;
* Keep American families together;
* Promote immigrant integration;
* Include the DREAM Act and AgJOBS; and
* Protect fundamental rights for all.

What do you think? I believe the principles are too vague and Duke from Migra Matters unveiled a much better and more comprehensive set of principles yesterday that deserves a second look.

The American Civil Liberties Union has chimed in to say that any comprehensive legislation should protect privacy and civil liberties for all. I suppose that means we need better detention practices, no national ID card system, no biometrics and iris-scanning, or is that too much HOPE for Obama?

Like some other progressive bloggers such as Vivir Latino, my primary concern is the definition of ‘family’ in the upcoming immigration battle. With the evangelicals throwing in their support and ‘faith groups’ surrounding immigration reform, I doubt that LGBT families who need the Uniting American Families Act would be addressed, let alone mentioned.

What do you think about the principles above and about throwing our same-sex bi-national families under the bus?

(Picture Credit: @raylab)

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