Michigan Parents Being Deported Without Their 3 Young Children

With the holiday season around the corner, the Department of Homeland Security is celebrating festivities by separating more children from their parents.

After the baby-napping incident where a woman posing as an ICE agent stole a baby from a Latino family, ICE decided that it did not want to be beaten at what it does best: terrorizing our homes and separating our families. So this week, our national security priority is to deport two parents to Bangladesh without their children.

Mus’ab (on the left) is only 5 years old and has a disease known as Hemophilia A; he needs special care and attention his whole life. He also has an older sister, Mariyam (7 years old) and a younger sister, Ameena (3 years old). Because of their ages, all three need constant parental supervision. With their parents deported to Bangladesh, Mus’ab, Mariyab and Ameena will become the responsibility of the United States government and a ‘taxpayer burden.’ That is probably what nativists desire, short of deporting the American citizen children, including Mus’ab, to Bangladesh so he can die without proper health care, while Mariyam and Ameena grow up as second-class citizens in a poor, war-torn, and ravaged society.

It may be too little, too late, as the parents are reportedly set to be deported today, but there is a demonstration rally planned in solidarity with the family today in Detroit, Michigan:

TIME: Tuesday Oct. 13 at 12 p.m.
LOCATION: 333 Mt. Elliot
(Corner of Mt. Elliot and Jefferson)
Federal Building
Detroit, MI

MEET PLACE: On Conant Ave. (Bangladesh Ave).
Corner of Conant Ave. and Eldridge St.
Hamtramck, MI- 48212
AT 11 a.m.

Update: The couple has been granted a one-week reprieve, which their attorney will use to buy more time so that the Board of Immigration Appeals can look at this case.
(Source: Chicago Tribune)

Other noteworthy deportation cases this week involve deporting the father of a Marine and a legal resident of the United States who received bad legal advice.

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