Offenders: The 'Illegal Alien' Halloween Costume


This ‘illegal alien’ Halloween costume, complete with a fake green card is available at several online stores, including, Amazon, Target, and Walgreens.

The overwhelming message sent through this particular costume is that ‘illegal aliens’ are subhuman, which legitimizes their detention in orange jumpsuits. Gitmo anyone?

There’s also ‘illegal alien’ masks, as well as an ‘over-sexed’ costume for women complete with a sombrero hat to remind us that those ‘illegals’ are from Mexico.

Considering¬†many of the companies selling these costumes, especially Target and Walgreens, employ undocumented immigrants, has anyone seen this ‘escaped convict’ in their customer service departments?

Sorry, we usually look more like this, and love our corporate Gap, Navy, American Eagle, Banana Republic, smokin’ wheels and bling-bling. Maybe there is some money to be made on suing for misrepresentation. We have much better fashion sense. Try again.

10/19/09 Update: Target, Walgreens, Amazon and Toys R Us have apologized, pulling the costume off shelves.

H/T: Latina Lista

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