"Deport Us Now"

The age-old pipedream of anti-immigrant amnesty naysayers calling for millions of ‘illegal aliens’ to self-deport is finally becoming a reality.

Less than two weeks after infiltrating the anti-immigrant tea party in Minnesota, Robert Erickson of ‘Columbus Go Home‘ fame held a self-deportation rally at the local USCIS office. Erickson and a handful of advocates rallied at UCSIS and then proceeded to march to the front of the entrance in orange jumpsuits asking to be deported.

What more could the anti-immigrant lobby want?

The USCIS officials were caught unaware and did not know how to respond, as seen in the video on the left.

Call it ‘white guilt’ or label it as ‘treason,’ Erickson and his anti-colonial immigration supporters raise critical questions about the construction of ‘illegal immigration’ and the labeling of certain immigrants (of color) as ‘illegal.’ As descendants of indigenous people, so-called ‘illegal Mexicans’ probably have more claim to parts of the United States than the descendants of European invaders. As the popular saying in California goes “we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us.”

For those with no claim to stolen land, when are you self-deporting back to Europe?

(Video credit: I Don’t Hate America)

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