Immigration Blogs – October 2009

An index of my immigration blogs for last month

9500 Liberty: 9-11 Not the Same as 7-11

Waiting for Change

One Step Closer to Lifting the HIV+ Travel Ban

Showdown: Gavin Newsom vs. Sanctuary City Policy

Young Immigrant Women: Pick Your Poison

Citations for Driving While Mexican

USCIS Director Gets Ready for Immigration Reform

USCIS – More Fee Hikes On the Horizon

CNN Misses the Point with ‘Latino in America’

Census 2010 – Count Everyone

Senate Delivers Death to the Widow Penalty

Republicans Have No Plans on Immigration Reform

This Friday – Congressional Briefings for the DREAM Act

Does Obama Get a NOPE on Immigration?

Offenders: The ‘Illegal Alien’ Halloween Costume

How Do You Make A Rabid Right Winger Believe in Global Warming?

Happy Diwali

Portland City Council Calls for Passage of the DREAM Act

Immigration Judge Rules In Favor of Prolonged Family Separation

New Report: Breaking the Immigration Stalemate

Gutierrez Unveils Vague Principles of Immigration Reform

Michigan Parents Being Deported Without Their 3 Young Children

Columbus Day – Celebrating the First Illegal Alien

ALIPAC Feeling Challenged by Volunteer-Run Network

Change at Immigration

I feel the need to branch out into migration theory and international migration politics. I spend more time reading about the plight of Indian immigrants in Australia, the racist Nick Griffin in Britain and the fight put up by migrant youth in Israel than I do on American immigration politics. More of the same is just lame.

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