Nativist Tom Tancredo Chased off MSNBC

While arguing over health care, former Congressperson and wanna-be President-hopeful Tom Tancredo was chased off MSNBC in this priceless video whilst ‘debating’ Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos.

It’s just as well that Tancredo saved some face and left after Markos pointed out how Tancredo was a pro-Vietnam War chickenhawk who got a 1-Y deferment. Given his rabid anti-immigrant views, if he had stayed on the show longer, it would have turned into another unworthy “illegal immigrants are taking over America” rant.

Just earlier this year, students shut down his anti-immigrant tirades at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Tancredo and his bandwagon of hate responded by slandering Dream Act students and blaming them for causing violence. Never mind that someone only threw a brick at the window and the person wasn’t undocumented.

Tom Tancredo believes that it is completely fine to use Holocaust photos at rallies to oppose health care reform but college students who testify for the DREAM Act must be arrested and detained. He is now using the Fort Hood tragedy to make claims about a ‘Muslim Mafia‘ attacking the United States domestically.

It’s always good to see someone take Tom down a few more notches. Thanks for the comic relief Tancredo!

(Video Credit: Daily Kos)

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