Post Fort Hood: Please Resist Muslim-Bashing

Speculation, anger and hatred is ripe on social networks such as Twitter after the massacre at Fort Hood, Texas that killed at least 12 and injured dozens more.

Tweeples are asserting a ‘jihad attack‘ on one end and incompetent Obama policies on war on the other end.

When I first heard about the attack, my first thought was “let the perpetrator not be a Muslim or person of color.” I remember the anti-immigrant, Muslim-bashing that this nation engaged in post-9-11 and how many lives were ruined in the aftermath. Eight years later, a recent Pew research found that 58% of Americans admit Muslims face discrimination in the United States but 38% also see Islam as a violent religion when compared to other religions.

Hope slowly died when Major Malik Nadal Hasan was named as the lone shooter allegedly responsible for the unfortunate incident. If he was White with a name like ‘Major Tom Thomson,’ his religion or color won’t draw any attention. After all, the media did not declare Timothy McVeigh to be a “White Christian Terrorist” but Major Hassan has already been stripped by many of his soldier status and labeled a jihadi. It’s sad that in a country where Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama is President, racism and religious persecution continues to run rampant.

I strongly oppose the many wars that this nation-state has engaged in over the course of our history. At the same time, I also know that in such situations people of color have to be more silent because anything we say can be labeled as ‘Anti-American’ and used against us. I do ask that we not be silent to any persecution of innocents. I ask everyone to pray (in their own way) for the families of the victims. But also keep in mind and pray for the victims of the unwarranted backlash that may just intensify against Muslims and people of color in this country.

Violence begets violence. Haardik Shubhkaamnaon Sahit.

(Photo Credit: Broken Thoughts)

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