Senate Gets Rid of Vitter-Bennett Amendment

Good news for all pro-immigant rights advocates. The Senate voted 60-39 and refused to wreck the census, getting rid of the Vitter-Bennett amendment that would have discouraged undocumented immigrants from participating in the 2010 Census and wasted millions in redoing forms as well as trainings. Senator McCain missed the vote and given he also missed the DREAM Act floor vote two years ago, it doesn’t bode well for the once-strong supporter of immigrant rights.

Today is the 23 year anniversary of the landmark immigration reform bill signed by President Reagan in 1986, which gave amnesty to 2.7 million immigrants. The Vitter-Bennet amendment, much like most GOP plans, threatened to wreck the inclusive nature of the Census while doing nothing of substance to rectify the issue of 11.8 million undocumented immigrants living and working in this country.

(Video Credit: SayItVisually)

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