Not Legal in Houston? No Gifts for You Kiddo

The Salvation Army of Houston and a charity affiliated with the Houston Fire Department are sinking to a brand new low this holiday season.

Apparently, needy children in Houston need legal authorization to stay in the United States for them to receive gifts through some toy drives. Given the economic shortfall, charities want to ensure that only needy children who are here legally can get gifts. At least that is the excuse given to media outlets. That is so Christian-like. Not.

For a second, lets forget about the sick immorality of holding undocumented kids accountable for their immigration status, which is something even the Pope decried recently. What’s shocking and hypocritical is that the Salvation Army does not check immigration status when leaving leaflets door-to-door asking for charity. Neither do other charitable organizations that I have encountered over the years.  Note to self: Tell mom to stop giving to the Salvation Army.

Why the double-standard when it comes to giving gifts to undocumented children whose parents have probably donated to charitable causes and paid taxes over the years? This is just another example of how undocumented immigrants contribute to their community but are left out when it comes to receiving benefits.

It is mean-spirited and makes zero sense. I wonder what Jesus would say.

(Photo Credit: fille_de_photo’s photostream)

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