What is an Illegal Student?!

Maybe I need to go back to school but it has been a really long time since I agreed to do an MSM interview. It usually leaves me annoyed at the incompetent reporter who cannot write to save her/his life, but gets paid anyway.

Emily Bazar from USA Today takes the cake though. First, she retaliates against us by saying she has to publish full name of undocumented student who gives her a quote. This is when I have to give the interview that I really do not want to. She wastes my time with her utter stupidity and ignorance of the immigration system — which idiot hired this dimwit? Then she defends calling us “illegal students” because of a webcast that NumbersUSA and NCLR participated in where the phrase “illegal immigrant” is justified.

Will anyone bother to ask me what I like to be called?

If you can, please do school on us what “illegal student” means.

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