World Cup 2010 Draw and Predictions

FINAL: World Cup 2010 Draw Group A South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France

Prediction: South Africa and Mexico. France qualified by cheating and unless they cheat again, they are going home after Group A.

FINAL: World Cup 2010 Draw Group B Argentina, South Korea, Nigeria, Greece

Prediction: This one is close as South Korea and Greece are known to spring surprises. Argentina and Nigeria.

FINAL: World Cup 2010 Draw Group C England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia

Prediction: This looks like a relatively easy group. England and USA unless things go terribly wrong with the North-Atlantic hegemony.

FINAL: World Cup 2010 Draw Group D Germany, Australia, Ghana, Serbia

Prediction: Another tough group as far as Germany is concerned, who underperform during qualifiers but buck-up at the World Cup finals. Australia and Germany though Ghana is also capable of surprises.

FINAL: World Cup 2010 Draw Group E Netherlands, Japan, Cameroon, Denmark

Prediction: Netherlands is a shoo-in for this one with Cameroon and Denmark battling it out.

FINAL: World Cup 2010 Draw Group F Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovakia

Prediction: Italy has a history of under-performing in the Group Stage so while this group looks easy, the Azzuri won’t make it easy for themselves. Paraguay and New Zealand would be strong contenders if they get over the initial stage fright.

FINAL: World Cup 2010 Draw Group G Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Portugal

Predictions: Brazil and Portugal will be a fire-cracker of a game and they should both qualify without much problems unless Kim Jong-il intervenes with a nuclear warhead.

FINAL: World Cup 2010 Draw Group H Spain, Honduras, Chile, Switzerland

Predictions: Spain battled a history of under performance by winning the European Championships. A qualification for Honduras would be sweet given the political upheaval in the country. For now, Spain and Chile.

There are no easy games at the World Cup Finals. It will be totally fantastic to see the Pacific, Asian and African nations spring surprises and send the European teams packing.

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