DHS Grants 30 Day Extension for Anees Sous

Thanks to your emails and calls, Anees Sous is NOT getting deported to Palestine tomorrow. Today, the Department of Homeland Security granted Anees an extra 30 days so that they can review his case more carefully.

Change.org members came together and sent more than a 1000 emails to both DHS and Michigan Congresspersons to make a difference for Anees Sous. Mohammad, the lead organizer for the SaveAnees campaign, tells us that “this temporary win is based a lot on the support all of YOU have provided to Anees so far. Your faxes, calls and petition signatures have had an impact.” Congressperson John Conyers and his staffers have also been a great help, and we are all grateful for their work on this case.

Fighting the broken immigration system one case at a time might not make a great deal of sense to campaign strategists, but it makes a world of difference for Anees and his family, friends, and community. However, the real solution is a just and humane immigration reform for Anees and millions like him who are living in the shadows while working, paying taxes and contributing to the United States.

In the meantime, while the rally for Anees Sous in Detroit tonight has been canceled, we have to keep the pressure on DHS and keep showing our support for Anees. If you have not done so already, make sure to add your name to the petition to Save Anees — and pass it on to your family and friends.

Photo Credit: Rally for Anees Sous

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