Illegal Aliens, Illegal Immigrants, and Illegal Bloggers has come to my attention that certain media companies are holding roundtable discussions on what to call people without proper legal documentation in this country. Most of these people carry fake identity credentials saying they are ‘liberal’ or even ‘progressive’ bloggers and writers.

Given that these people think it is liberal and even progressive to label certain marginalized groups against their wishes, we actually do not think the term liberal or progressive attached to these bloggers is accurate enough. It certainly carries a bias. We should try to come up with a name for this particular social group that is more neutral and reflective of their behavior.

“Illegal bloggers” is inaccurate. It is not yet illegal to label, categorize and castigate a marginalized group against their wishes. These bloggers can decidedly revert back to calling Blacks Negro, using Orientals for Asians, and fags for people in the LGBT community anytime it becomes politically convenient.

Brian-deficient and heart-deficient bloggers is also not too accurate. They have brains and hearts–they just don’t use them for the most part.

Cracker, honky, redneck, gringo bloggers denote a particular racial identity and while most of these bloggers are probably White, this behavior is certainly not limited to that group. Though I dare say, privilege is certainly part of the problem here.

Undocumented and unauthorized bloggers. Now that might be a fair term. Their ‘liberal’ or ‘progressiveness’ has not really been documented by our pro-migrant system of governance nor have we authorized their use of labels to denigrate us. Undocumented bloggers label Others without permission. They illegally cross several borders at once when they demean and dehumanize Others by mixing up nouns and adjectives. To top it off, they demand services like free education to ascertain what they are doing wrong! They must be sent back home immediately!

Too nativist? Alright, we can let them stay in our system and they can choose to self-identify, but they must assimilate according to our ways and follow the law of the land: No one is illegal.

Seriously, if you call people illegal, you are no progressive or liberal. Leave your card at the door before you exit.

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