Immigration Lists 2009

Leaving the old year behind and hoping for some changes to come our way in this new decade, these are some of the lists I wrote last week at

2009 Global Anti-Immigrant Hall of Shame Part 2 and 2009 Global Anti-Immigrant Hall of Shame Part 1

Nearly one billion of the world’s estimated 6.7 billion people are migrants. In 2009, many countries took more restrictive approaches to migration in light of the continuing recession. The Migration Policy Institute released a list this month that highlights some of the global trends that ensued due to economic downturn. A Human Rights Watch report released on International Migrants Day also explores some of the problematic issues faced by both documented and undocumented immigrants. Governments have the right to control their borders and numbers of immigrants but in a way that protects and safeguards human rights. Some actors and countries on the global stage went a bit too far with their xenophobia and nativism. They are now being honored in a ‘2009 Global Anti-Immigrant Hall of Shame.’

Ten Reforms on an Undocumented Immigrant Wish-List

We often hear from the honchos of well-funded organizations and politicians as to what should entail immigration reform. You know the “pay a fine, pay taxes, go to the back of the line, speak English” narrative quite well. That really isn’t a reality for a majority of undocumented immigrants. Here is your chance to hear from a cross-section of undocumented immigrants as to what they would like to see in a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

5 Predictions for Immigration Reform in 2010

Taking out the crystal ball and trying to predict the future for immigrant rights in the United States.

Top 10 Immigrant Rights Victories of 2009

From CNN deporting Lou Dobbs to undocumented youth taking center-stage to the United States finally repealing the HIV travel ban, read the top 10 immigrant rights victories of 2009, cherry-topped with honorable mentions.

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