New Look and New Server for the New Year

I just moved my blog to a new dedicated server (from BlueHost to 1and1) and changed the look. I may have lost some data in the transition, especially the comments mysql file might not have updated properly and the IntenseDebate sync did not catch everything.

Comment Policy

Some moron (not worth naming) is baseless accusing me of deleting comments so I thought I would clarify in case other weird stalkers start complaining that I am somehow censoring them. As the promigrant sphere knows, I don’t waste my time sparing with racists, nativists and dumbasses in my private space or via email or even allow those comments to be published. I have the freedom and right under the law, to censor people who harass and accuse me on my private blog. There’s enough hatred in the world and we don’t need more of that in my space.

The accusation that I deleted comments that were already published on my blog is just moronic given I just went through some intense data transfer this past week. Maybe people should fact-check before making accusations but certain privileged members of our society don’t feel the need to do so. If you have that attitude, your comments are not welcome here. Rubbish belongs in the rubbish bin.

New Years Resolutions

  • Get Healthy and Fit Again
  • Worry only about things I can control
  • Use this blog more often
  • Change “public interest” to “Prerna interest”
  • Try to get less mad about dumbasses – the world is full of them.

Happy New Year.

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