Kobach and Arpaio Team Up to Terrorize Immigrants

Sheriff Joe Arpaio took some of V-Day advice for nativists and decided to team up with another controversial anti-immigrant figure, Kris Kobach. Alas, this may be a short-term marriage of convenience for the purpose of breaking more laws.

Last week, a federal judge imposed sanctions on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe “Screw the Law” Arpaio for destroying evidence in a racial-profiling case. Arpaio obviously does not think that an entity as small as the federal government can stop him from racially profiling, so now he is training close to 900 deputies to go after undocumented immigrants and has recruited Kris Kobach to do his bidding.

I guess Maricopa County is such a safe and non-violent community that law enforcement officials have no other crimes and misdemeanors to pursue in the area in order to justify their paychecks. Thus far, Arpaio has only suffered slightly under the new Obama Administration, when the Department of Homeland Security took away his power to conduct street sweeps of undocumented immigrants. Arpaio persisted, insisting that the laws on the books allowed him to do as he pleased.

This latest move to build an entire army of vigilantes in opposition to federal law and bring in a well-known nativist counselor to train them may be a sign of Arpaio lashing out in desperation and finally coming undone.

Kobach is not particularly known for his winning ways in court or on the campaign trial, so it is somewhat surprising for Arpaio to enlist his help in order to preventing drowning. However, Kris is certainly bankrupt enough to file legal briefs supporting racial profiling in Maricopa County and schooling law enforcement thugs on how to get away with doing so. He also believes that local law enforcement has inherent right to detain undocumented immigrants, a position that Joe Arpaio holds. And hence, we have a match made in hell.

Here is to hoping that Arpaio and his new life-raft sink to the Davy Jones’ Locker.

Video Credit: Humanleague002

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