Shakira Is Hip For Immigration Reform

Immigration reform advocates are growing increasingly impatient with the Obama Administration’s dragging feet. It turns out that President Barack Obama is just not ready to move and groove along in the rhythm of reform. Hence, the immigration movement brought in Lebanese-Colombian singing star and activist, Shakira, to learn some real dance lessons.

Shakira met President Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden at the White House recently to launch a new $300 million initiative for early childhood education. Shakira is the founder of an organization called ALAS, whose members are other Latin American artists and business leaders, which works toward securing comprehensive early development program for children.

While meeting in the Oval Office, Shakira also took the opportunity to push President Obama to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation, another cause near and dear to her heart. According to her representative, the White House assured the pop star that it is still trying to reach an agreement with the GOP to secure a means for the legalization of undocumented immigrants in the United States. Yes, we know about the Schumer-Dobbs compromise.

Here is to hoping that the President and Congress get not just their hips, but other parts, moving. Otherwise, it is not likely that we will have much cause to bend over backwards to dance to the polls in joy either.

Hat-Tip: JuanSaaa

Photo Credit: WikiCommons

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