TSA Evolves to Play Derogatory Jeopardy Game

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security conducted a study, which showed that TSA officials might need to be prone to stereotyping and less evolved in order to identify threats.

The Transportation Security Administration in Florida is taking the recent DHS study results seriously. Michael A Jones announces on our Gay Rights blog that the TSA is going homophobic Jeopardy-style. CNN was recently informed that TSA supervisors at an air marshal field office in Orlando, Florida, play a Jeopardy-style game in their office to identify gays, lesbians, and African-American passengers in categories such as “pickle smokers,” “our gangs,” and creatures. The “undocumented Mexicans” can breathe a sigh of relief temporarily.

I am still trying to figure out how identifying minorities on a flight serves national security interests, but maybe the TSA can give us a press release to clarify. Are they afraid that the gays would launch into a dance number from Glee, stealing thunder from the air hostesses, or that the pilot(s) might get too distracted about the prospects of lesbians fulfilling their ultimate fantasies? And well, it is no laughing matter that African Americans are still treated like criminals by association in this country.

In response to these South Park-style allegations, the TSA confirmed an internal investigation will be underway until everyone can forget that this ever happened. After all, internal audits and investigations for a non-transparent, non-elected body work so well in our country.

In the meantime, it is quite reassuring to know that DHS wants us to undergo full body scanners, which are already costly and ineffectively, with these officials watching us. Clearly, they are working hard and doing their best to make us feel safer.

Photo Credit: billypalooza

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