Senator Graham Questions Obama's "Unwavering" Support for CIR

In a recent ABC News interview, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) posed a question mark on President Obama’s “unwavering support” for a comprehensive immigration reform bill, saying that the proclamation does not pass the smell test.

Something is certainly stinky here. Surely, if Obama was “unwavering” on immigrant rights, he would put a moratorium on raids and deportations while figuring out a way to make the system workable for all immigrants. Obama could also direct the Department of Homeland Security to restore fairness and due process to the immigrant detention system. Additionally, the Obama administration could also end the 3 and 10 year bars that unnecessarily separate families and show more leadership in pushing for a comprehensive and inclusive immigration reform package.

Some advocates state that there is a basic problem of competency in the Obama Administration. Others blame Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for pushing President Obama to treat immigration as the “Third Rail.” Regardless, it is up the grassroots advocates to come together starting this March 21 and finally apply long-overdue pressure on the Obama Administration to deliver on its “unwavering” commitment.

Video Credit: immreport

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