Win: CCC Calls for UAFA Inclusion in CIR

Just want to give some overdue shoutout to Rachel LaBruyere from the Center for Community Change for pushing on the inside for the organization to take a stance for UAFA inclusion in CIR. I know it wasn’t easy and it took a lot of fever-induced tweeting, plus a long burning blogpost.

It is not going to be easy moving forward but it’s important to not throw people under the bus when trying to build coalitions for social change and I am glad at least CCC gets it.

Of course, I am not waiting for the National Immigration Forum to apologize for its appalling words at the summit. But this is a win.

I achieved more with a blog and some tweets than we achieved at the summit all day.  Maybe next time I should just stay at home and do this through conference call instead of risking my life in cold climates. Yeah, remind me. Okay, I will go check-in my gigantic ego. We have work to do at DreamActivist and I can’t keep doing free work for Immigration Equality no matter how much I love them. Ralls–you should have just hired me as a consultant 😛

I am going to go chill in San Francisco today and tomorrow and take care of this pneumonia because I am supposedly no good for the movement if I can’t tweet and rant.

Drinks are on me Rachel LaB!


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