Petitions Galore

I need to keep a track of my numerous petitions. It is out of control. FYI, I want to take the opportunity to do a shameless plug for It’s a fantastic petition tool for grassroot activists and community organizations who cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars in software. Please check it out and use it for local, targeted campaigns with specific asks. For example, it works wonders to flood the President of your school with emails concerning an issue, not that I’m suggesting that you do that.

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Some of the petitions I’ve created lately are below:

Now I know why I can’t seem to keep track of everything and have e-petition burnout. You wouldn’t see these many actions from fully-funded and staffed immigrant rights groups because they don’t have capacity. I’m just a full-time law student. And it’s not even advisable to have these many actions at the same time.

If anyone has updates or comments related to these online petitions, please give me a heads-up.

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