Updates On the Removal Proceedings

A petition on my behalf is up at Change.org, directed at the top immigration officials in the country, to stop the removal proceedings.

I’m going to be honest. DHS will spend thousands of dollars over the next 5 years in litigation to remove me from the country and I will still win the right to stay here. The ball is in their court. If they want to play court battles, then I will bring the game to them and teach them how it is played.

They picked on the wrong person. They are kidding themselves if they think they can continue to silently terrorize our families and communities while we sit back and not do anything. This political violence ends now. It ends with each one of us taking the time to learn about the unjust and antiquated immigration system that keeps families apart.

DreamActivist is handling all donations regarding legal fees.

A fundraiser will be held in Washington D.C. on May 6. Stay tuned for more details.

I have been told not to spend more than an hour per day on my case right now while I take exams. So I apologize if I am not more responsive.

Thank you.

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