An Open Letter to the “Papers Please” Alabama Confederacy of Hate

Dear Alabama,
I am a person of few words so I’m going to keep this short.

I love it when bigotry and hatred come out in the open, parading as just laws upheld and sanctioned by our institutions and structures, because then, everyone can see that we don’t live in a “post-racial” society and an America that welcomes immigrants. And then, everyone fighting for racial justice and immigrant rights can hone in on you as a convenient target for structural and institutional oppression.

I have never been to Alabama. I was never going to come down there. It’s not like immigrants really want to live in your confederacy of hatred and racism. But I may change my mind now.

You’ve made it a criminal offense to provide transport or housing to any allegedly undocumented immigrant. I thank you kindly for this move because we are sure to send a large contingent of undocumented youth organizers to your state who shut down the streets and your Capitol with our message of courage and resistance.

And when your racist cops rise their batons to hit our friends and family members, when you call Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain and deport young people of color Americans who were raised in this country and done nothing wrong, the world will be watching. And we will win.

Finally, you are getting sued pretty soon since your new law is unconstitutional, so I hope you have several millions for litigation. But really, it’s the non-legal forces of resistance that you should worry about more.

Thank you for the incredible gift,
A queer brown allegedly “illegal” immigrant

P.S. All the best building your tornado-devastated state without the help of cheap undocumented labor

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