My lovers from VDARE — a white supremacist site — sent us this present:

Prerna Lal, [Email him] is a self described Queer Fiji-Indian (South Asian) law student, writer, tech-geek, and riot maker.” He’s mentioned in Allan Wall’s column today, as a professionally indignant immigration blogger. His latest effusion on the subject of illegal immigration is this: link to article.

I will embrace “professionally indignant.” I wonder if referring to me as “him” is supposed to be a pejorative. Last week I was an “in-your-face lesbian.” I suppose I could be a lesbian-identifying man, though I don’t identify as a lesbian or a man. It’s certainly interesting that people refer to me as “him” in various different settings. I spend more time correcting my “sex” on forms than anything else. Even friends have to ask what gender pronoun they should use for me.

Anyhow, the only email I received was from someone called Oscar:

Seeing as how the piece asked me to “Email him” I decided to hit the link. I don’t know if that little blurb is going to result in much hate mail but, among that, I wanted there to be at least one e-mail of support. I also like how, in the very first line and sentence of VDare’s little article, Mr. Fulford just gets a basic piece of information wrong– “him” indeed (assuming it wasn’t intended as a slur). I’ve read some your pieces and some of your tumbler page and I think they (and by extension, you) are phenomenal. Keep at it! I suppose all I wanted to do was show some support. Thumbs up!

Thank you for the love.

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