Heterodox IR

This came out of a long conversation with someone about how Westphalian notions of democracy do not work for formerly colonized places and how the liberal international order actually represses historical memory and trauma.

The system is in a state of anarchy
and the chaos has permeated the nether regions of my heart
Weak states and strong states
don’t make sweet tender love
No island-nation exceptions.

Slavery turned into indentured servitude
turned into structural adjustment programs
the violence of neo-classical economics continues
to marginalize, subjugate and depress.

The IGOS and NGOs hapless and frail
Diplomacy and sanctions failed
Bombing for freedom and liberty
Now we are in an all out war.

We run from South to North, East to West
Seeking refuge from the violence
of the past and present.
But the land of freedom and liberty
is an illusion
like the light that burns your hand
at the end of the tunnel.

I deconstructed the international monetary system
but I can’t seem to construct a way into your heart
dependent on the development of underdevelopment
my people are still peripheral to your core.

History fails to deliver
Memory keeps us alive
And we re-imagine, re-create, re-produce
We live.

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