I was just thinking about the different ways in which we are all hurting. Some of us have chronic aches and pains, others have heart-ache, and still more of us are so numb that we cannot say where and how it hurts. And we all deal with it differently.

late wednesday evening

somewhere in san francisco

sipping sweet refined wine,

chugging dark bitter beer,

tasting margarita cocktails

smoking cigarettes like blunts,

intoxicated by pink nail-polish fumes,

a distant pained voice filters through

conversations half-remembered, half-forgotten

it’s the unspoken words that i remember

a clouded mind cannot relay

a heart, no longer numb wants you

wants you us to be more than just okay

Sometimes I fool myself into thinking that I don’t feel pain. I don’t know how to talk about it. I can’t tell you what and where it hurts. It shoots from 0 to 8 and then back down to 0 before I know it. Right now, I’m okay.

Just keep breathing.

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