It’s going to be a tough week with my first emergency oral surgery and immigration court proceedings. I’m scared about the former and annoyed by the latter.

Dental appointments remind me of my Dad since he used to make me brush my teeth every morning and every night and take me to the Drescher & Cohen DDS dentists periodically. This time, I need to undergo a serious surgical procedure without anyone hand-holding so I’m pretty scared. And there is also the risk of nerve damage and other health complications.

As for deportation proceedings, I’m glad to have representation because I can’t think of anything more disastrous than having to do that by myself. I don’t know why we have to spend our time, money and energy defending my presence in this country. If it was something I did wrong, I would take responsibility for it. At some point, it stopped making sense, and I stopped trying to make sense of it. At some point, it turned into an act of terror against my family and the life we have built for ourselves in this country.  The lawyers will do what they have to do and I will just do what I need to do —  not let it interfere with our lives.

Here’s to getting through a fun round of removal proceedings and celebrating 12 years in the United States this weekend safe and sound.

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