Video: How Does Someone Become Undocumented?

Like, seriously?

Well, that’s a tougher one to answer than “how does someone stay documented” but an easier one to achieve.

Overstaying a visa, knowingly or unknowingly. Losing your job when you are on an F-1. Divorcing your spouse when you are a dependent. Losing an asylum decision. Dropping out of school while you are on an F-1. Being exploited as domestic help by your employer. Getting placed in deportation proceedings for some minor crime you committed and served time for years ago. And the list continues.


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  1. This American Life podcast
    Last Summer, Alabama passed HB56, the most sweeping immigration bill in
    the country. It’s an example of a strategy called “attrition through
    enforcement” or, more colloquially, “self-deportation”–making life so
    hard on undocumented immigrants that they choose to leave the country.
    But as reporter Jack Hitt found, the new law has had lots of other
    consequences. Jack has a book coming out this Spring called Bunch of Amateurs.
    (35 minutes)

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