Living the Dream

My take on Marco Rubio and the GOP’s sudden desire to have their own version of the DREAM Act is here. Mohammad and I were quoted in Florida Independent as being open to Rubio’s proposal, which is causing some heart-burn for advocates.

It is unclear to me what advocates expected from Senator Marco Rubio as they continuously attacked him on the issue over the past year. Of course he would introduce a watered-down version of the bill to make them go away and appear like someone who can offer a solution to the problem. The point is to take advantage of this moment like both parties have taken advantage of our lives over the past decade. Ultimately, there is a difference between solutions and relief. Legislative proposals will always be forms of relief. We are key to being the solution.

Over the last couple years, my role in this movement has shifted from active participant to tacit observer and adviser. Fed up by the non-profit industrial complex, I gambled with removal proceedings and right now, I seem to be winning. In the least, I’m living the quality of life that my mom would have wanted me to live. It is no longer my place to tell people how to fight for their own rights. My law school education also compels me to say that every case is different and one-size does not fit all.

I do ask that whatever you do, do it all the way and give it your best shot.

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