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Taking a break from law school finals to read the news, or rather, procrastinate on finishing my Con Law II exam.

TRAC has some interesting figures about prosecutorial discretion. It means less than 1 percent of cases have received prosecutorial discretion. But let us step back and look at prosecutorial discretion more broadly, starting with the enactment of laws. Hiroshi Motumora, UCLA Law Professor, articulates this quite well in his report for the IPC: discretion begins way before the initiation of removal proceedings.

Dave Bennion articulates what undocumented youth have been saying for a while as to why undocumented is undeportable.

Poder 360 has a wonderful interview with Randy Parraz, who spearheaded the recalled against SB-1070 architect, Russel Pearce in Arizona. During his door-to-door organizing, he notes how racism is not limited to Republicans:

“We were doing a door to door,” he said, “and we had Democrats tell us: ‘Nah, I already voted. I voted for Pearce. I don’t like Mexicans.’ Democrats! It was a minority, but they were that bold. This is somebody whose agenda was diametrically opposed to what Democrats should believe in. But they didn’t care because they didn’t like Mexicans.”

Still can’t get enough of this song from The Dirty Picture:

What are you reading or listening to?

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