Cert. Granted: Mayorkas v. de Osorio

Well, as predicted, the “Justice” Department have succeeded in whining their way up to the Supreme Court regarding the Ninth Circuit’s decision in de Osorio v. Mayorkas.

The Supreme Court granted certioriari in Mayorkas v. de Osorio this morning.  The stay of mandate continues until the court disposes the case, which could be as late as next June, and definitely not before the end of this year.

FYI, just because four justices on the Supreme Court agree to hear a case does not mean a win for the government. It does mean that families have to wait longer to reunite, persons have to continue fighting removal proceedings, and continue waiting for a green card.

I have worked on this issue and written about it for the past six years. It is completely hypocritical how the Obama Administration is paying lip service to immigration reform while trying to gut the last immigration bill passed by Congress.

The Administration’s limited vision for our immigration system through their narrow interpretation of CSPA should set off warning bells in the ears of immigration advocates who are fighting for immigration reform. It clearly means that just because Congress passes a law does not mean an agency will implement it as it is supposed to be implemented.

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